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In our effort to provide information to the community, we serve as a distribution point for the following publications:
Between The Lines Newspaper, MetroTimes Newspaper, BLAC Magazine, Gay Parent Magazine, Healthy Black Men, Out Post Magazine, Pride Life, POZ Magazine, Pridesource Magazine, Swerv Magazine, The Unleashed Voice.


Talk Tuesday

Talk Tuesday offers valuable educational services to its constituents. The program is a series of educational workshops containing expert-led subject matter providing important information to the community.

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Healing and Support Services

Healing and Support Services is free counseling and crisis intervention for survivors of intimate partner, sexual violence, stalking, harassment, trafficking and hate crimes. This is a confidential service open to LGBT adults, or loved ones, who have experienced violent crime. 


Woman 2 Woman

Woman 2 Woman provides women who self identify as lesbian or bi-attractional a safe space to discuss issues specific to women. Additionally, Woman 2 Woman provides the lesbian, bi-attractional communities a safe space to discuss, divulge and learn. Self healing and sisterhood, through open and honest dialogue, guide activities.


Brother to Brother

Brother to Brother provides a safe, brave space for HIV negative men who engage with sex with men to help stay HIV negative.  The primary goal of this kind of work is to have groups of  men to address sexual practices that increase the risk of contracting HIV.  Behavioral and social support programs, especially with youth and young people are able to make progress the HIV prevention  Program activities consists of two parts: outreach and  ‘core’ educational gatherings. 


The LGBT Detroit Leadership Academy

An 8-week course to prepare the future leaders of the LGBT movement. We believe that the longevity and success of the program serves as a model for leadership development for LGBT and allied young adults around the country.


The Forever Faithful Project

The Forever Faithful Project is a campaign dedicated to changing hearts and minds and creating welcoming congregations. This effort engages and works with clergy, faith leaders and Detroit’s diverse faith community in support of marriage equality.


Breaking the Cycle

Through data based research, Breaking The Cycle addresses issues of substance abuse and recovery in LGBT community. In partnership with The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services — Tobacco Section, LGBT Detroit disseminates information about tobacco usage in the LGBT/HIV community, how to quit, stay healthy, seek HIV/AIDS testing sites and care providers.

Check out our list of HIV and Tobacco Resources.



End AIDS. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that Community Health Awareness Group (CHAG) has been awarded a Cooperative Agreement to implement Comprehensive High-Impact HIV Prevention Projects for Community-Based Organizations. CHAG will provide HIV prevention services for members of racial/ethnic minority communities. These services will focus on those at greatest risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV infection, syphilis and hepatitis B and C. In partnership with Teen HYPE and LGBT Detroit, African American Men Having Sex with Men (MSM) and high risk heterosexuals is targeted, with a focus on youth 15-24.


Many Men, Many Voices (3MV)

Many Men, Many voices is a part of LGBT Detroit End AIDS program. This program is a high-impact HIV prevention program that seeks to address the social, cultural, and individual barriers to help keep HIV-negative men, negative. Going further, 3MV takes young gay and bisexual men age 15-24, and engages them in what sex practices place them at higher-risk for HIV transmission and infection. 
3MV is a partner program with Community Health Awareness Group.  


LGBT Cancer Action Councils

LGBT Detroit is gathering LGBT Cancer survivors, caretakers and advocates to advance community research capacity around LGBTQ cancer experiences. Detroit HealthLink is a region-wide coalition to address cancer-related needs in metropolitan Detroit. Funded in 2016 by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, Detroit HealthLInk brings together community members, community-based organizations, and cancer researchers to develop research ideas as well as educational and service-based programs.

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The Michigan Coalition for HIV Health and Safety

The Michigan Coalition for HIV Health and Safety is focused on modernizing the current HIV criminalization law. In Michigan, a person living with HIV can go to prison for up to 4 years for not disclosing their status before any sexual activity, even if there is little or no risk of transmission. HIV is the only virus in Michigan that has a felony to which it is attached. The MI Coalition for HIV Health and Safety has unified around principles for a modernized law.